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Expert Tick Control

Eliminating ticks is the most effective way to protect your family from dangerous Lyme disease. You can count on expert tick control from Mosquito Squad of Fredericksburg and Mosquito Squad of Richmond to keep ticks away from your home, and to keep your family safe.

We use a combination of tick tubes and a proven barrier spray treatment to get rid of these pests before they can infect you or your family. Our regular control spray eliminates adult ticks immediately upon contact. Our biodegradable tick tubes are filled with treated cotton that is equally effective.

If you have mice near your home, they will collect the cotton from the tick tubes and use it to build their nests. Any ticks that enter the nest will perish when exposed to the treated cotton.

If you’re worried about ticks, you can rely on the expertise of technicians here at Mosquito Squad of Fredericksburg and Mosquito Squad of Richmond. Getting rid of ticks is important, and it isn’t easy – unless you call our expert team.