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Spraying for Special Events

Planning an outdoor event in Richmond or Fredericksburg? Don’t leave the success of your event up to chance. Let Mosquito Squad provide safe, effective mosquito control for your event.

Worried about mosquitoes ruining your graduation party, wedding, anniversary celebration, or other event? Don’t let them ruin your special day. With our special event spray service, you can rest assured that everyone will have a great time.

We’ll come to your property approximately 24-48 hours prior to your event to apply a barrier spray. This powerful application service will:

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate the mosquitoes flying around your property
  • Dry in approximately 30 minutes with no visible residue or odor left behind
  • Be completed well before the party so there’s no worry about food contamination
  • Provide continuous protection throughout the event

Why not add mosquito treatment to the plan for your party? Call Mosquito Squad of Fredericksburg or Mosquito Squad of Richmond and together we’ll make that party one to remember.


See our video “When Mosquitos Attack!”