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Spraying for Special Events

It’s not often that a special day like a wedding or graduation comes along, and it’s no surprise that we go all-out for our loved ones when the time comes. We send out invitations months in advance, press the table linens, whip the garden into shape and even spend thousands of dollars on furniture, decor, favors and more. However, the most elegant, perfectly-planned party can still be crashed by the presence of irritating warm-weather pests like mosquitoes and ticks. Nothing ruins a good outdoor event like having your guest tables and food areas plagued by clouds of hovering insects.

Mosquito Squad of Richmond can help you make sure that your special event goes off without a hitch (or an itch). For over a decade, Mosquito Squad has been in the business of prevention and protection against obnoxious insect interlopers. Our guaranteed-effective range of solutions can help to control your bug troubles in a variety of locations and situations, killing on contact and keeping your party at its prime.

For your special event, Mosquito Squad of Richmond will put down a barrier treatment in the party area approximately 24-48 hours before guests are set to arrive. The treatment itself will dry within 30 minutes, leaving no lingering odor or residue. This barrier treatment will protect your guests from stinging, biting insects for the full length of your party (day and night) and reduce or eliminate any mosquitoes that might crowd around the buffet or dance floor. There’s no need to worry about contamination, either; Mosquito Squad will apply the barrier treatment far in advance of the arrival of any food or dinnerware, ensuring that there will be no chance of accidental chemical contact.

Those who are environmentally-minded will also be glad to know that all of Mosquito Squad’s treatments, barriers and misting systems are EPA-registered, and we are always focused on keeping you and your loved ones safe (pets included).

To learn more about how Mosquito Squad of Richmond can help prevent mosquito mayhem at your next special event, call us at (804) 562-2394.


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