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Mosquito Control Barrier Protection

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Traditional Mosquito Spray

Our most preferred protection system for mosquito control. The traditional barrier protection treatment is the most popular program because it can eliminate up to 90% of your mosquito population.

Our qualified technicians will apply our reliable and acclaimed barrier protection spray in your backyard and around the house to provide up to 21 days of protection against mosquitos, depending on the weather conditions.

We recommend season-long applications every 21 days to provide your home and yard with the best protection. We’ll send you a reminder about each upcoming application, and let you know after we have provided the service. We can apply the barrier spray to your property even if you’re not at home.

By concentrating on the places where ticks and mosquitoes live and feed, we offer solutions that protect you, your pets, and your family from these annoying and dangerous pests. After application, mosquitoes that feed on the plants on your property die from exposure to the residue left by the treatment.

Don’t let mosquitoes chase you indoors. Call Mosquito Squad of Richmond or Mosquito Squad of Fredericksburg today!