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Automatic Misting Systems

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Automatic Misting Systems

When periodic pest control treatments are not good enough, Mosquito Squad of Fredericksburg and Mosquito Squad of Richmond have a better option: automatic-misting systems that provide continuous pest control. Here are some of the benefits that our misting systems provide:

  • Automatic releases of pest control solution two to four times per day
  • Effective results against ticks and mosquitoes throughout the treatment area
  • Durable, inconspicuous design
  • Remote control technology giving you the opportunity to spray on demand

Better yet: Our trained technicians will install the system on your property. We’ll handle all of the maintenance, so you never have to fill, service, or winterize the system.

Continuous pest control is as easy as calling Mosquito Squad of Fredericksburg or Mosquito Squad of Richmond. Why not call us today?