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Zika News: 10 More Cases in Florida

Florida Governor Rick Scott has announced that more Florida locals have contracted the Zika virus after being bitten by mosquitos.  State health officials also reported that four people contracted Zika all in a square mile just north of downtown Miami.  Most of the reported cases of Zika thus far have been a result of traveling to a foreign country where the disease is prevalent (mainly in the Caribbean).  However, it is now known that Zika can also be transmitted through sexual activity as well.

The World Health Organization has classified Zika as a “global health emergency”, and have also stated that four out of five Zika victims don’t know they have contracted it.  Zika can lead to Guillain-Barre, which is a very rare auto-immune disorder that can lead to paralysis.  Even scarier, is an alarming connection between Zika and Microcephaly, a disease that causes infants to be born with smaller head and brain size.  This causes severe developmental issues, and is passed on from expectant mothers who contract Zika.  The threat of this is so concerning, some Carribean countries have been warning citizens to take precautions to avoid becoming pregnant in this “Zika Era”. The U.S has warned pregnant women to not travel until the Zika virus is better understood and controlled.

We would like to remind everyone to remember to wear insect repellent, and if possible wear thick or loose fitting long sleeved clothing when outdoors.  If your yard is not protect by our services, try to stay in a screened in porch or in the indoor areas of your home.  If you have any questions or concerns about the Zika virus, feel free to call Mosquito Squad for more information.



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Some Little Known Facts on the Notorious Mosquito

Did you know there are about 3,000 different species of mosquitos? These little pests can be found all over the world, with 176 of those species inhabiting the United States.  Mosquitoes are known to have been sucking blood on our planet  since the Triassic Period, that’s about 400 million years ago! The word mosquito is actually a Spanish term, which translates as “little fly”.  In our experience here at Mosquito Squad, and most likely in your back yard as well, we have seen that the mosquito is much more menacing than a “little fly”.  These vectors of disease kill more people on our planet than any other animal out there.  In fact, every thirty seconds there will be a death in the world due to a mosquito-spread disease, that’s over three million deaths a year.  Some diseases are more commonly known than others, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and most recently seen in the United States, the ZIKA virus.

Only female mosquitoes bite, this is because they need protein from blood in order to produce eggs.  However, males and females rely on nectar from plant life to survive.  Female mosquitos have been known to be attracted to certain physical traits in humans more than others.  If you’re in the yard working or playing, your body is most likely producing higher levels of CO2, the more CO2 you produce, the more attractive you are to mosquitos.  Larger people tend to produce more CO2, which causes them to naturally be bitten more frequently.  In addition to C02 production, mosquitoes also tend to be more attracted to blonde hair over darker colored hair.  This is somewhat surprising because mosquitos are attracted to dark clothing, so you would expect the darker hair to be more attractive.  Women are also more attractive to mosquitoes than men, as a result of the difference in hormones produced by the sexes. Mosquitoes can detect a warm body and chemical signals at distances of 25 to 35 meters, and the more you move around the easier it becomes for a mosquito to detect you.

After all of that info, if you’re a larger person with blonde hair, who loves wearing dark clothing, Mosquito Squad can STILL guarantee your satisfaction in mosquito reduction.


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All-Natural Mosquito Protection

Go all-natural with your mosquito control.

If you prefer to avoid all synthetics, Mosquito Squad offers an all-natural solution as an ideal alternative for mosquito control.

While our Barrier Protection Spray works primarily as a mosquito and tick eliminator, our all-natural treatment eliminates pests on contact and then continues as a repellant for up to 14 days.

Our all-natural mosquito treatment is applied to the areas of your property that mosquitoes are known to harbor and feed. It is made up of essential oils and has a slight botanical fragrance that dissipates within a few hours of application.

Since this all-natural mosquito control breaks down more quickly, it needs to be applied every 14 days for continuous protection (as opposed to the 21-day cycle of our Barrier Protection Spray).

This all-natural repellent is not quite as effective as our traditional mosquito control solutions. However, depending on your own yard and needs, it may be right for you. And, of course, if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right with another spray as soon as possible.

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